Tomato, Tomahto: 11 Tasty Recipes

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Summertime means tomatoes, and lots of 'em. Grab our recipes for ultimate tomato bliss.

Remember last December, when you had a craving for fresh tomatoes to go along with your dinner salad? And you roamed the aisles at the store, resigning yourself to the bright red 'maters you knew were pale and watery on the inside, just so you could have a little tiny bit of summer? Well rejoice! Tomato season is here again.

For many people tomatoes are a learned taste, working our way up from ketchup and plain marinara sauce to BLTs, smoky tomato soup, and divine caprese. If you've become a tomato lover, summer is what you've been dreaming of. Instead of counting sheep before bed, you're thinking of Early Girls, Brandywines, Sun Golds.

We can't blame you. Of all the fruits (yes, tomatoes are fruits) that come into their own in summertime, tomatoes are probably the most deliciously versatile. It’s not just that they’re great in every single meal of the day, but they do well in both sweet and savory dishes, making their way into jams and sneaky things like cake.

Tomatoes are one of the building blocks of cooking, in fact. They feature heavily in many cuisines, with Italian and Mexican perhaps being the most obvious, thanks to the proliferation of pastas and spicy salsas!

Because tomatoes feature so heavily in cooking, you should really take this summer to make a Tomato Resolution. Everyone, raise your right hand and repeat after me: I solemnly swear to make the most of the humble, beautiful tomato this summer. I will not shun it. I will not regulate it only to be cooked down into sauce for my pasta. I will rejoice in the tomato, so that I may have fond memories of our times together come winter.

There, now. Don’t you feel ready to tackle some tomatoes? Pop into the slideshow and get our top tasty recipes.

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