9 Favorite Recipes for a Bacon Bonanza

Megan Myers | Stetted

Bacon is perfect in practically every recipe. We'll show you how.

We all know that bacon isn't just for breakfast anymore. It has been popping up in every recipe out there, from brunch's Bloody Mary to dessert's ice cream. This salty meat just seems to go with everything and we're not complaining.

Besides, bacon just gets us. It knows how we want to be able to nibble on it all day long without feeling guilty. It knows that while we like our vegetables, we like them even better with some salt and fat cozied up with them. And it won't judge us if we decide that our cookies need some bacon love too.

Here's 9 of our favorite recipes that showcase the bacony goodness we've all come to obsess over.

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Megan Myers

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