12 Servings

Ethan Adeland | Feeding Ethan

Crispy Bacon Wrapped Dates. Oh yeah, if you ever needed more proof that bacon can make anything better…here you are!

Crispy Bacon Wrapped Dates
    4 Servings

Erin S. | Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

These homemade pizza rolls are your favorite pizza toppings rolled up in a crescent roll. Quick and easy dinner for the whole family.

Homemade Pizza Rolls with Sausage & Pepperoni
    4 Servings
      15 Servings

Urvashee Patel | Dessarts

Warm and creamy Upma is a tasty Indian quick dish that is great comfort food anytime. We love it especially for a savory breakfast.

Upma: Creamy Indian Comfort Food
    2 Servings
    3 Servings

Rachel Gurk | Rachel Cooks

Olive Oil Roasted Almonds are simple, delicious snacking at its best. Irresistible as a midday snack and perfect with a cold beverage at the end of the day.

Olive Oil Roasted Almonds: Perfect Snack Food
    12 Servings

Erin S. | Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Peanut noodles are an easy pasta dish with tons of flavor. Perfect for any night of the week.

Peanut Noodles: Easy Asian Supper
    4 Servings

Emily Caruso | Jelly Toast

All you need is wine, crackers and this quick and easy Whipped Goat Cheese to have the perfect impromptu party! Who's bringing the wine?

Whipped Goat Cheese: Delicious Herby Dip
    8 Servings

Steph S. | ::steph chows::

Make an oatmeal smoothie to power through your day. A great habit to make in 2014!

Oatmeal Smoothie: Power Breakfast
  1 Servings