Our 10 Favorite Treats to Cure Your Cookie Craving

Megan Myers | Stetted Updated

We've got a fever, and the only cure is more cookies.

Are you cookie-obsessed? It's hard not to be. There's so many different variations, combinations, and temptations available these days that you could have a different cookie every day of the year and never repeat.

We've helped you out with your cookie cravings and put together our ten favorite recipes that scratch that tastebud itch.

Red Velvet Cookies
We know, red velvet is everywhere - but we can't get enough! These tasty cookies will remind you of the popular cake, but are so much easier to whip up in an evening (and snack on for breakfast)!

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Megan is known for her commitment to eating local, fresh food and leading a well-fed life, as documented on her blog, Stetted. Around these parts, though, she's known for her commitment to phenomenal breakfast recipes.

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