12 Servings

Stephie Swope | Stephie Cooks Comments

Chopped aired a special Thursday episode this week. And we're here with our latest Food Fanatic review of the competition.

Chopped Review: Cook Your Butt Off!

    4 Servings

    4 Servings

Roxana Yawgel | Roxana's Home Baking Comments

This recipe combines two favorite sweet treats: buttery shortbread packed with chocolate chips and chocolate cake-like brownie. You’ll find heavenly deliciousness in these irresistible squares.

Chocolate Chip Shortbread Brownies: Double the Dessert!
    16 Servings

Natalie Perry | Perry's Plate Comments

These salmon kabobs make the perfect Memorial Day grilling item... while this Fire Wire giveaway will set you up for all future cookouts. Read on now and enter!

Paleo Salmon Kabobs & Fire Wire Giveaway
    4 Servings

    6 Servings

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